For more than 20 years, the founders of Academic Partnerships have devoted their lives to increasing access to high-quality instruction, supporting educators and helping students succeed. In 2005, they focused exclusively on post-secondary education, believing in its most profound impact on people’s futures, and created Whitney University System (Whitney), a network which partners with and operates universities across South America. As Whitney institutions outgrew the physical capacity of their campuses, distance learning was added to accommodate the surging demand for higher education in the region.

New to the U.S. online providers, Whitney’s distance-learning model comprised unique features, which facilitated rapid and sustainable enrollment growth with undiminished quality. Eager to add more students, two public universities in Texas agreed to experiment with the Whitney approach. The results were dramatic: Within two years, both schools’ online enrollments became a third or more of their total student body. One of the institutions became home to the nation’s largest public university nursing program, while another became the largest online graduate education program. As word of these successes spread, a number of other public universities across America also asked for assistance, and AP was born. Today, AP serves more than 50 universities in 11 countries.