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Articles and Research Archive

Priming the pump: critical skills shortages drive increased corporate involvement in the classroom

Jun 23, 2015 When Northwestern University launched its new Master of Science in Analytics degree in early 2012, university leadership envisaged a small programme—a tight community of 20 students.  Northwestern received more than 200 applications during the programme’s inaugural year. This year, they have increased the size of the programme by 50% to 30 students and have received over 380 applications A recent Continue Reading Read More

2015 Survey of Chief Academic Officers

Jun 22, 2015 A majority of provosts are concerned about declining faculty civility in American higher education. And a large majority of provosts believe that civility is a legitimate criterion in hiring and evaluating faculty members. Generally, the provosts are confident that faculty members show civility in their treatment of students, but have mixed views on whether professors show civility in dealings with Continue Reading Read More

The new class: Non-traditional students are changing the market for higher education

Jun 21, 2015 The demographic profile of students at US colleges and universities has changed dramatically in recent decades. Once a minority, today “non-traditional” students far outnumber the 18-to-22-year-olds who have historically entered college directly from high school. Today’s college students tend to be older and come from more diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, and often have work and family obligations. Some 36% of undergraduates Continue Reading Read More

Economic Angst, Rose-Colored Views on Race: A Survey of Presidents

Jun 20, 2015 Fewer than 4 in 10 college presidents express confidence in the financial sustainability of their institutions over the next decade. Less than a third agree that sexual assault is prevalent on American college campuses, and just 6 percent say it is prevalent at their own institution. And campus leaders really don't like the Obama administration's proposed system to rate the Continue Reading Read More

Hillary on Higher Ed

Jun 19, 2015 IRVING, Tex. -- Hillary Rodham Clinton, a likely presidential candidate in 2016, outlined here Monday a vision for higher education globally and in the United States that would focus more on the disadvantaged and those who need postsecondary training, but not necessarily a four-year degree. Clinton, the former secretary of state, senator and first lady, spoke at the Globalization of Continue Reading Read More

Building a global university brand

Jun 18, 2015 After a four-decade rise in global demand, universities are grappling with powerful forces colliding at once: reduced government support, rising public skepticism about the value of a degree, increased institutional competition and the emergence of disruptive technology. Adding to these pressures is a seismic shift in global demographics. Demand for higher education is levelling off in North America and Europe Continue Reading Read More