Choosing AP

Our Approach

Universtiy_Centered_Approach To ensure that each partner university receives first-rate service that caters to its specific needs, AP assigns a dedicated university-centric team of professionals responsible for servicing the relationship across multiple functional areas. In performing its comprehensive services, AP works as an extension of the university, transparently promoting the partner’s brand and adding cost-effective resources to extend a university’s market reach. Key personnel and teams in AP’s university-centric model include:
  • Managing Director, the dedicated executive point of contact with responsibility for management and oversight of the partnership and with authority to call on any AP resources. The Managing Director collaborates with the university’s academic and administrative leaders to create an Annual Partnership Plan that reflects the institution’s goals and priorities, and which outlines strategies and tactics for sustainable enrollment and revenue growth.
  • Marketing Team, sets the strategy for achieving results through a holistic marketing and branding approach across offline and online channels. Team resources include a digital marketing team, creative team and subject-matter experts with deep knowledge in program-specific marketing, be it education, healthcare, business or others.
  • Field Sales Team, promotes specific online programs directly in the marketplace through face-to-face engagements and webinars at school districts, healthcare systems, hospitals, corporations, community colleges, military facilities and other organizations that are sources of prospective students.
  • Academic Services Team, comprised of instructional designers, who assist faculty members or a university’s distance learning team in the course-conversion process into an online delivery format, and ongoing course optimization using best-in-class instructional design methodology and evidence-based approaches anchored in learning science.
  • Enrollment Specialists, a university-dedicated team of enrollment professionals who assist prospective students in the complete enrollment process from first inquiry through application and enrollment in a university’s programs. To students, they are a natural extension of the university.
  • Student Retention Specialists, a team of professionals who work with the university’s student services department to ensure students successfully and seamlessly progress from course-to-course through graduation. Similar to Enrollment Specialists, this team is viewed by students as a natural extension of the university.
  • Partner Support, a team of highly effective operational professionals who work with the university’s admissions, registration, financial aid, IT and other administrative offices to ensure proper data integration and data resolution, streamlining of operational processes and accurate reporting. In addition, this group of highly competent associates is responsible for operational project oversight and timely execution.

Proven Model

Proven_Model To date, AP has helped more than 3,800 faculty members in the conversion of nearly 4,000 courses into an online format across more than 300 undergraduate and graduate degree programs spanning healthcare, business, engineering and education. AP’s unrivaled expertise in serving public and private non-profit universities ranging from research intensive and flagship institutions to teaching universities and regional campuses with diverse leadership, faculty and students, makes AP unique in the industry. Since 2007, AP has achieved success and generated considerable enrollment and revenue growth for its partner institutions and consistently demonstrated its ability to:
  • Scale multiple programs from double-digit to four-digit enrollments while maintaining retention rates that often exceed those of the same programs delivered on campus
  • Deploy a highly effective marketing mix, including traditional and digital marketing as well as robust field sales activity, all leading to significant enrollment and revenue growth
  • Effectively and seamlessly manage and monitor the full student lifecycle, from initial marketing efforts through recruitment, enrollment and re-enrollment
AP is a leader in a number of categories, including: number of U.S. university partnerships, number of foreign universities served, number of total faculty assisted and courses converted into an online format, number of employer-based alliances, number of healthcare enrollments for public universities, number of Masters of Education enrollments for public universities and number of total online MBA programs represented.