Increasing competition for qualified students calls for sophisticated integrated marketing and branding strategies. AP’s expertise in advanced digital and consumer-based marketing, offline media and field marketing achieves consistent and unmatched success for its partner universities.

Field Recruitment

AP’s industry-leading and proprietary field sales organization is a core component of its recruitment strategy. A large, national team of Executive Directors builds relationships on behalf of AP partner universities with organizations that employ potential students: corporations, hospitals, healthcare systems, school districts, teachers’ unions, municipal governments, military, community colleges and other professional organizations. AP’s unrivaled network of alliances includes more than 3,000 organizations.

Field sales takes a personalized and proactive approach to promoting partner universities’ online degree programs through dedicated affiliate partner portals, on-site information sessions and webinars delivered to the employees of partner organizations, offering preferred tuition rates.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and its associated channels are a strategic component of AP’s holistic marketing approach. In today’s wired environment, digital media is pervasive, giving consumers access to information anywhere at any time. AP leverages this consumer behavior by targeting prospective students through a host of digital channels.

AP’s digital team has significant expertise in search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), display, email marketing, social media and mobile. It collaborates very closely with digital platforms such as Google, LinkedIn and Bing as well as platforms that service communities of professionals, delivering content directly to desired target audiences.

Traditional Marketing & PR

To supplement its digital marketing efforts, AP utilizes traditional media, including television, radio, direct mail, newspapers, magazines and billboard advertising. Offline marketing is particularly important in the launch of a new partnership and in support of program expansion.

PR outreach also plays a major role in awareness building, and it complements all of AP’s integrated marketing efforts. Its effectiveness depends on a close coordination and collaboration between AP and the public relations departments of partner universities.

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