AP continually enhances its value proposition by forming strategic partnerships that provide unique products and services for its partner universities, faculty and students. Examples include:


Canvas by Instructure, a leading Learning Management System (LMS), provided by AP to university partners free of charge, if they select it. Canvas is cloud-based with an intuitive user interface. It supports flexible pedagogy, multimedia, mobile learning, social networking, multiple languages and provides analytics to support Competency Based Education. Click here to learn more about Canvas.


Instructional Connections, LLC,, the industry's leading provider of virtual teaching assistants, supports faculty and students in online programs. Virtual teaching assistants are graduate-or doctorally degreed subject-matter experts who grade assignments, manage discussion threads and monitor the overall performance of individual students under direction of the faculty of record. Instructional Connections’ services are provided to partner universities at an AP-preferred rate.

Aspire EDU[1]

AspirEDU is a student-retention technology provider that supplements and enhances AP’s own retention capabilities. This exclusive relationship offers AP partners AspirEDU’s suite of cloud-based services to effectively identify at-risk students and further improve completion and graduation rates.

Aoom Video Conferencing[1]

Zoom offers cloud-based video conferencing on an intuitive platform that supports online classrooms, office hours and student collaboration.

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